This is a beautiful mind body spirit coordination class, based on ancient Ayurvedic body control techniques. Using gentle conscious movements and focused self-observation, we can begin to awaken and energize our “nadi”, energetic channels that run through the entire body, like the meridiens in TCM.

Comes from an ancient Sanskrit word that means “strength”. “Ha” represents the sun in Sanskrit, and ‘Tha” represents the moon, so the entire practice of Hatha Yoga is to use the body’s own strength to balance the sympathetic/parasympathetic nerves. In this course, we will focus on the three important steps: breathing, body alignment and meditation, emphasizing the entry into the realm of Vipassana meditation through breathing and correct stretching.

One hour of Balinese massage followed by a 40 minute mini Organic facial (cleanser, exfoliating, facial mask, and moisturizer).

An Amala signature holistic body massage using a warm herbal compress to melt your tension away. Using dry flower powder with milk for a nourishing exfoliating bath, this signature ritual cleanses and restores the mineral balance and PH in the body. A rich green tea body lotion is applied for a finishing touch.