Space.  Time.  Observer.

Space. Time. Observer.

In the previous chapter, we briefly explained the different perspectives on the study of the material world between Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine.

So in this article, let us focus together – the material world we exist in.

Laozi‧Tao Te Ching Chapter 42 content: Dao begets one, one begets two, two begets three, three begets all things. Everything bears yin and embraces yang, and the spirit is full of peace.

Tao Te Ching is divided into two classics, “Tao Jing” and “De Jing”, in which “Tao” refers to the law of the creation and operation of the universe, while “De” refers to a peaceful life in compliance with the laws of the universe.

To explain in plain language:

Dao begets one – The original form of the universe is a chaotic, uncertain, one-dimensional point. This point has no time, no distance, and no space. When the first consciousness is produced in this universe, the universe is observed , the entire universe collapses, and collapses into an objective fact, whether space or time has been determined, who is this observing consciousness? I don’t know, but it is precisely because of this observing consciousness that the entire universe is determined, – “space” exists.

one begets two – The consciousness that is observing is like light. When the world has light, the phenomenon of duality is also confirmed: yin and yang, distance and near, fast and slow, mass and Small.

two begets three – this consciousness that is observing, through identifying the relativity between all things in the universe, then produces subjective feelings, and then feels the existence of self.

three begets all things – In this way, the observer sees the relative quality of all things in the universe, not only seeing the shape of all things in the universe, but also corresponding to various feelings and records.

Everything bears yin and embraces yang – all things in this universe, the direction of life, is facing away from yin (cold) and facing yang (hot). This is an irreversible process, that is, the According to the law of entropy increase, everything will eventually go from order to disorder.

and the spirit is full of peace – and observers find that in this very long process of life from order to disorder, there are always two opposing energies, yin and yang, that counteract each other and cancel each other out, forming a kind of harmony and a state of balance.

In the TULA wellness system, special attention is paid to this state of balance, because life is actually a long practice of fine-tuning and maintaining balance at any time. The first thing to practice is your own discernment and observation, and the second is to understand whether your current state is negative or positive, it will eventually return to stability. The state of excitement and joy will gradually return to calm over time, and the state of sadness and loneliness will also be the same. In TULA Wellness, there are a series of activities to lead everyone to experience and practice.