Healy is a medical device designed to bring cell frequencies back into a healthy range. It can be used to support the treatment of physical, mental, emotional health with the use of individualized frequencies and micro currents. At TULA, we use Healy to identify blockages or imbalances on a cellular level and provide insights and advanced treatments using IMF and frequencies to restore a balanced state.

This is a very deep and relaxing mindfulness practice. We will start in our wellness studio with a few simple stretches to allow the body’s Qi and blood to start to flow. Then lie down, relax and listen to the interweaving of singing bowls, chakra wind chimes, the birdsong outside the window, the sound of treetops swinging and your own breathing.

Inheriting the real Taiwanese tea ceremony, from knowing the tea set / learning the spirit and knowledge of serving tea / enjoying three kinds of high-quality hand-picked tea from Taiwan / enjoying hand-made traditional Taiwanese desserts and being mindful with tea.